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42_souls's Journal

42 Soul Eater Prompts
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42 prompts for the SOUL EATER fandom.
42_souls is a claiming community for the Soul Eater Fandom. You select a prompt table, claim a character/pairing/?some and you get up to one month between posting your prompts. You can write fics, make AMV's, make icons, or graphics, cosplay, even food - as long as you can get it to apply to one of your 42 themes.

  1. To begin, you must JOIN the community. Please do this before you claim.

  2. You may only claim ONE table at a time.

  3. Up to three people may claim the same pairing/character/?some at a time. We realize that, though the options are limitless, there are very popular pairings within a single fandom, so it's not quite fair to only allow one person and their speed make others wait to write that p/c/?. However, since there IS a limit, it's come, served. If a fourth person desires same p/c/?, they will be added to a waiting list. Check the Claims post for a list of Taken p/c/?'s and the Waiting List.

  4. Label anything NC-17 in the post title, and by using the Warning: NC-17 tag. Kiddies may enjoy le pr0ns, but it isn't good for the mind (as NC-17 authors are well aware), so use your own judgment on whether you'd rather lock your post or not.

  5. This is a mature community, and bashing/flaming/spewing crap indicates immaturity to the nth degree. If you can't be mature, your claim will be removed, and you will be suspended for the community until mods allow re-entrance (read: "major time-out.")

  6. Place ALL entries under LJ cut (or link), no matter the length. If you do not, mods shall shower your post with terribly embarrassing notices. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, check out this FAQ.

  7. Under no circumstances are non-mods allowed to delete mod posts or comments. It simply isn't done. Ever.

  • Any post unrelated to the community will be deleted. To Affiliate, please comment here.

  • Every six months (March and October) a new table will be added to the community.

  • Het, yaoi, yuri, and anything else you can think up with your pervy mind is allowed.

  • Smut is welcome and even encouraged, but remember to label the hot and heavy stuff.

  • This is a SOUL EATER community, so don't be dumb and claim a Bleach pairing. However, crossovers are okay as long as SOUL EATER is the main fandom.

  • Length of each theme is completely up to you; ditto interperetation. Feel free to let your creativity loose.

  • Correct GRAMMAR and PUNCTUATION is highly encouraged if you want good reviews. Seriously. We don't want to see any complaints if no one comments for badly written fanfiction.

  • OC's are welcome, but you are forewarned: people don't normally take kindly to a main character being paired with a Mary Sue-esque OC. Soul/Amber Stardust Princess of Fairyland won't go over well.

  • It's totally cool if you're posting your story on fanfiction.net, deviantArt, or wherever. Just link us, please.

  • Naturally, some drabbles are likely to have different ratings than others. When you post each individual theme, just write which rating it is on that format. There's no need to put a rating on the whole collection when you may decide to get raunchy on a K, or meek on an M. This way, no one is dissatisfied.

  • Any type of medium is encouraged, from AMVs, to fanfiction, to cosplaying, to food. As long as it is related to your theme, it is okay. ICONS: It's come to my attention that some people may wish to create icons with a table as their method of fanwork. This is fine. If it's used for a specific p/c/? it counts as a claim. Use the claim format and, under Anything else? write that you will be making icons (plus anything else you'd like to say.)

  • Finishing a claim takes time, and it's hard to buckle down and get the job done sometimes. But please don't take more than one month (30 days) to update. It's very simple; one paragraph every week makes a drabble at the end of the month. One paragraph every day ensures a very nice oneshot. Of course, quicker updates are encouraged.

  • As stated above, you have one month after you first claim to post. On the 20th day of each month, there will be a mod post with a list stating how many days claimers have until their claim is taken off the chart. They have until then to post their first claimed p/c/?.

  • It's fine to make good on your claim with more than one medium. For example, soul_eater_luvr_42 might choose table 3. He writes a oneshot for theme #17, but he would rather draw a fanart for theme #29. This is a-okay. Just remember to specify your medium in the posting format.
fic title, pairing/character/?some, table #, theme #

POST FORMAT -- copy-paste this into your post with LJ cut/link below.

Table 1

Kid/Liz/Patty: nenena
SOUL EATER (complete cast): (01)ryu_no_yuki, (02)mknsen08, (03)rosweldrmr
Spirit/Stein: kkscatnip
Giriko/Arachne: forkinsocket
Soul/Maka: fatal_red

Table 2

Soul/Maka: mikk1o5
Maka/Chrona: silvey
Stein/Medusa: moonlittaint
Justin Law: ilikebigtoes
Kid/Maka: half_life_wolf

Table 3

Kid/Chrona: cykstar
Chrona: azkun
Free/Elka: duo_aurion
Black*Star/Maka: drifth
Giriko/Justin Law: insanityin3d
Stein/Spirit: (01)scrawled, (02)plink_chan
Soul/Maka: raining_helium
Kid/Maka: spiritualenergy
Stein/Marie: munesanzun_koi

credits: profile codes & layout